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When it comes to exactly how you should test, there are several options available. It all centres on what you want to find out, your time and your budget. It is an important part of the process, and one that we work closely with you to decide upon. Whatever you’re investigating, we’re sure to have a solution that works.

If you have something specific in mind that isn’t listed here, get in touch with us.


How Do I Choose?

Different methods are more effective at different times, and for accomplishing different objectives. Some research-based methods are more useful before development, and some testing would be difficult without a prototype that's nearing completion. If you're unsure what you think you would need, we're more than happy to help.


See what users want before you start development

Audience preferences

Understand users preferences for existing products and find out what they want in something new. Whether its a focus group, interview or survey, involve the user from the very start of the design process.

Persona Generation

Categorise your potential users. This will help guide the development process as you aim to fulfil the needs of different types of users

Competitor Reviews

Analyse the competition and compare their highs and lows. See what works for them and how you can build on these ideas.

Product Testing

Mobile, Desktop, Console and even paper – we test on all platforms

Usability Testing

Find out any sources of frustration and confusion that may stop someone using your product. See the product through the eyes of the user, providing entirely different perspectives and insights. Can be conducted moderated or unmoderated, as well as face-to-face or remotely.


A more quantitative version of usability testing, task-based testing helps to clearly see areas of frustration or blockers for users. The data gathered here shows clearly which tasks users struggled to complete, and areas of your product which need clarity or improvement.

Eye Tracking and Heat-maps

See where users attention is drawn and what they find interesting. Find out what they immediately engage with when they use your product and where you should be placing different elements for the most traction.

Card Sorting and Reverse Card Sorting (Tree-Testing)

See how customers would organise different sets of information. Find out where would they expect to find things in your product and how would they break down content in a way that makes sense.

Diary Research

Longer-term research that can help to gauge engagement over time with your product. In-depth qualitative data that helps to explain the WHY behind user retention.


Ensure that you start getting user feedback as soon as possible, ensuring that content and the functionality of your product are where users would expect to find them.


With our extensive experience in this industry, you can be certain that testing your gaming product with us will be a success

Competitor benchmarking

Find out what sets your competitors' products apart, and what it is that users like and dislike about them. Get a head start when it comes to the development of your own products by learning from their mistakes.

Game Testing

Ensure your next game meets the expectations of potential users. Find pain points, what works, what doesn’t, what users want and will recommend. User feedback is crucial to ensuring your objectives are aligned with your players.

Achievement / Gamification

As the industry turns to gamification methods for the next-step in gaming, make sure your model fits players' needs and is exciting enough for them to be invested and committed.

Expanding - New Markets

As the industry continues to grow, you may be looking to expand into different markets. Find out what users in these new markets want from your games, what it is that they like and how you can get ahead of the competition.


Make sure that your promotions are eye-catching and actually interesting to players. Also, with new legislation changing the way that promotions help to get you new players, find out what other factors are important in getting someone to click on your game.

Industry Experts

Having a good understanding of a product is crucial for successful testing. We know the gaming industry, and we know what companies are looking for when conducting research and testing. Our past experience helps us to tailor our research as we know what areas to focus on during sessions.