About Gutsy Ninja

What we do and who we are



Our Commitment to Research

Our commitment to research continues to enhance and complement our client projects. As a team, we have a shared desire to gather rich user insights and create beautiful products and customer experiences.

Experience and skill

Our varied and diverse experience helps to ensure we analyse projects from different perspectives. With each team member bringing different insights to the project, you can be certain that the customer experience is at the heart of everything we do.

Meet The Founders

John Doe

Aris Capellos

CEO & Founder

Aris has an extensive background in agile software development with consultancy. His experience covers product development, team building and coaching at companies such as the HMRC, Unibet, Capgemini, Myoptique and Sky.

He believes building great software is about fearless communication, a bit of magic, getting people together and having fun.

Josh Thompson

Pooja Capellos

Chief Product Officer

Pooja has a driving passion for creating beautiful, innovative products that customers love. Previously, she was a product consultant with News UK and prior to that has led product and design teams of various shapes and sizes at Unibet.

She strongly believes that success belongs to those companies that leverage user research as part of their decision making process.